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March 11, 2007 06:12 PM

Articles of Faith

project description

Life is fragile. Wearing an amulet or talisman is one of the ways in which we seek to protect themselves against death and evil spirits. I am creating diptychs that present the object a person wears around his or her neck next to a portrait of the person himself. My aim is to document the objects in the physical world that make us feel safer and contrast them with simple portraits showing our intrinsic human vulnerability.

What kind of amulet/talisman do you wear?
How does it protect you?
How does your amulet/talisman represent your beliefs?

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older photos…
Editha with Brown Scapular
Editha with Brown Scapular
“I feel safe wearing it. I believe that if I die wearing my scapular I will not suffer eternal fire. It is my personal belief.”

Tamia with Earth Stone
Tamia with Earth Stone
“I wear a polished stone of earth tones, browns, tans, greys with rivers and tributaries of blues with flecks of gold. I believe that we should respect Mother Earth, Father Sky and enjoy nature’s beauty.”

Loren with Double Happiness
Loren with Double Happiness
“[It] protects me by giving me hope for the future… [It] does serve as a reminder to stay positive, and to be open to what the world may give. If I’m down, I’ll put it on, sort of saying, ‘You can do this’, ‘Keep your spirit up.’”

Mari with Santito
Mari with Santito
“health, love, luck, protect against evil”

Jon with Tibetan Skull Mala
Jon with Tibetan Skull Mala
“This necklace has a personal significance that encompasses more than one belief, or possibly better said, one belief on many levels, mainly being: Spiritual/psychological/perceptual deaths as well as physical deaths and the roles they play in the cyclical and eternal manifestations of divine energy.

It’s a personal reminder of notions that I consider important. I wear it daily as part of many other things I do to maintain an ever increasing and heightened consciousness and awareness.”

José  with Santito and Elephant
José with Santa Barbara and Elephant
“I believe it watches over me. The elephant is for good luck.”
“I pray to her and have faith in her.”

Gregory with Scapular
Gregory with Brown Scapular
“The promise of the Brown Scapular is that whoever dies wearing it will not suffer eternal damnation.”
“I received my first Brown Scapular at my First Communion and have worn one since then almost non-stop. I believe the promise of the Scapular, and with the life I lead, I need all the help I can get to stay away from the fires of hell. And even if the promise/story of the Brown Scapular is not true, wearing it allow me to show in a small way that I do have a faith, and if asked about it I can reply.”

Cadin with Kukui Nut Lei
Cadin with Kukui Nut Lei

Karen with Chocolate Jesus
Karen with Brown Scapular
“Only a chocolate Jesus can satisfy my soul.”

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