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March 5, 2007 10:45 AM

2006 - The Year in Review

In Authentic Happiness Dr. Martin Seligman recommends writing a January retrospective that consists of a rating (on a scale of 1-10) and a few sentences. The point is to try to keep track of how one feels from year to year. I tend to have a terrible memory so this exercise might be especially beneficial for me. Here is my first (written) retrospective

Love: 9
I am in love! Cadin is the best! We are getting married in April 2007. Sweetness.

Profession: 4
I have a job I don’t love. I work as a software engineer. I would prefer to be more passionate about the work I do to put food on the table.

Finances: 6
Having a job makes my financial situation pretty stable. I could be more organized about saving money.

Play: 5
2006 was pretty bad for play. I didn’t take or make the time to relax and play. I am prioritizing ‘do nothing’ time in 2007. I am upgrading the score to a 5 because I started trapeze in the fall and that was definitely a fun thing.

Friends: 7
Related to not having any time to play, I didn’t write many letters (snail mail) to my far flung friends. I didn’t even see my NYC friends that often. Cadin and I had regular coffee dates on the weekends, but we didn’t ‘go out’ often.

Health: 7
Better and better. I invested a lot of time and energy into figuring out my diet in 2006. With help from Dr. Barnett and Aparna, I was able to determine that I am gluten intolerant. My new gluten-free diet isn’t as hard as it seemed at first.

Creativity: 5
Not a great year for creativity. I don’t feel like I made good progress on any substantial creative projects. I did take a portraiture class and started on my ‘Articles of Faith’ photography project.

Overall: 6
Last year wasn’t that great. But it laid a foundation for the feeling of being on the mend and on the upswing that I am feeling now.

Trajectory: 8
I feel I am on a good path. If I can remember the lessons I have learned along the way and remain open to learning new lessons, life will always be good.

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