March 7, 2008 12:00 AM

Baby Boy

With that feeling of struggling to wake up and being dragged down by the force of a tidal wave of grogginess, I emerged from sleeping to rescue a baby that had fallen into the pool. I couldn’t get to my feet to run to the water’s edge so I willed myself to roll and fall into the pool. I got the child and he came up sucking on my finger as if nothing was wrong.

We were on a cruise ship and had to figure out who the child’s parents were. Who would let their baby wander around alone so he could fall into the pool and drown?

Finally we found the baby’s family. His mom was happy to see him but not overly concerned. She noticed that her son seemed to like me; she said that he liked to flirt with all the girls. She told the story of how the Fairy (as in Tooth Fairy or something like that) came every morning to gather the children and give them blessings and treats. All the parents on board let their children go with the Fairy; it was normal and gave the parents a few moments to themselves. Her baby must have gotten lost on the way back.

He was still sucking on my finger/knuckle.

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