February 29, 2008 12:00 AM

Witches and Bats

I dreamt that Catalina turned me into a witch. She seduced me and we kissed 73 times. Somehow the 73 kisses + some groping turned me into a witch. Afterwards I was followed around by bats over whom I had some power of suggestion. Immediately after the makeout session, another witch showed up and Cata gave her some part of me, some bio matter. I asked Cata what she was doing and she went off about how I was so lucky because I got to live the the United States of America. I told her that we could switch; I’d gladly live in Paris. I was disappointed because I felt she had used me, gotten me to be physical only to steal biomatter from me so that some other more powerful witch could cast a spell on me (as opposed to turning me into a witch because she thought I would make a good witch).

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