November 25, 2007 01:09 PM

Sea Town

I travelled to the Seattle area on business recently. I worked in Edmonds and then spent the weekend in Seattle visiting friends and family (and the new families of my friends). For more pictures, check flickr.

day 1 - 31 October 2007 (Halloween) lunch - Moghul Palace (for the love of meatballs)
dinner - Etta’s Seafood
lacinato kale, olive oil, pecorino
sea scallops with golden beets and black lentils
glass of brut champagne
espresso and mexican chocolate creme brulée

day 2 - 1 November 2007 (Day of the Dead or All Saints’ Day)
lunch - Pho 99 in Edmonds - delicious! The noodles were the silkiest rice noodles I have ever tasted.
dinner - I Love Sushi

day 3 - 2 November 2007 (All Souls’ Day)
lunch - Thai Cottage in Edmonds
ballet with Robert and Barb
dinner - Pomodoro
Edmonds Ferry and How to Clean a Salmon
How to Clean a Salmon

Opera House at the Seattle Center
sidewalk at the Opera House

day 4 - 3 Novemeber 2007
23 children
delicious griddle cakes at Chez DaDa
Yunie’s beautiful view
Jason Webley show at The Vera Project

day 5 - 4 November 2007
3 more children
wandering downtown
Miles! and the family Fann
dinner with Robert and Barb
crabs at the Pike Place Market
crabs at the Pike Place Market

Produce at the Pike Place Market
produce at the Pike Place Market

floating jack o'lantern lid off the houseboat pier
headless jack o’lantern

day 6 - 5 November 2007

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