March 1, 2007 09:28 PM

Showered With Blessings

Today didn’t seem to start out as an auspicious day, but it is late in the day now and I can confidently say, “Today was a great day!”

  • Cadin made the air reservations for our wedding trip to Las Vegas and honeymoon to Belize!
  • I ate gluten-free pizza for lunch.
  • My appointment with Dr. W turned out to be a nice conversation, no tears, no self-recrimination.
  • Kiehl’s had a yummy shade of lip gloss, Black Raspberry, that called out my name.
  • Roy Rub’s show Promise Lands at the Lubalin Gallery at Cooper Union was sweet, especially the cross-stiched power tools.
  • As I was walking down Manhattan Ave. on my way home from the L train, I got a call about a part-time dance teaching gig that I had applied to weeks ago. I have an interview next week!
  • When I walked into my building, there were many kids in the stairwell (ie: the playroom [duh]). One of the girls gave me a big hug and then Zina, with her face blue from a lollipop ring, gave me a hug, too.
  • There was an email from Seana in my Inbox when I got home. I can take care of making Char’s travel plans now.

Now I have a kitty in my lap (Sparkles) and I can finish today’s business and then go to bed with a big smile on my face :)

blurry night crane
Night Crane

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