September 26, 2006 03:26 PM

Apollo House Photographer

I am lucky to have the privilege of occassionally working as the Apollo Theater house photographer. Last Friday Fantasia performed as part of the New Legends series. I had no idea who Fantasia was before the concert, but one of the ushers was kind enough to relate the American Idol’s life story between seating ticket holders. The performance was great, electric and goosebump inducing. Music performances give me goosebumps more often than dance or theater. Maybe music is a more direct mainline to God for both the performer and the audience.

Fantasia at the Apollo Theater (2006.09.22)

Fantasia at the Apollo Theater (2006.09.22)

Guest Artists Nuttin’ but Stringz performing on Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater (2006.09.06)

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