June 28, 2006 09:28 PM

First Day of Summer

Today is the unofficial first day of summer. Cadin and I went out for a drink after dinner (mostly because we had a delicious dinner and no wine in the house to go with it). We sat at a table outdoors at the Pencil Factory down the street from our house (where they don’t serve mojitos and don’t know what a cuba libre is :S). I ended up with rum and coke (no lime) and Cadin had a beer. On the way home we walked on West Street where I saw the real harbinger of summer, fireflies! The ones we saw today had flourescent green tails. Beautiful. Magic. Cadin regrets not growing up where there were fireflies and wants to move to the South and sit on the porch and watch lightning bugs. If only it weren’t so sweaty in the South. If only it weren’t so sweaty in NYC…

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