January 17, 2006 09:02 PM

Back in the Saddle

It is hard to get back in the saddle. I have 3 performances this week (APAP) and I feel like I am in horrible dancing shape. Today I made it to Zvi’s dance class (barely). There are head games I play when I don’t really want to go to class but should; today I played them all and still ended up in class. I stopped dancing before the waltz, but for a first day back in ballet class after a break of about 3 months, that’s not so bad. I dance the adagio behind a gorgeous dancer from Alvin Ailey and although I am no ballerina, I think I looked ok next to him. But my left hip really hurts. It has been ‘out’ since I went running with Cadin last week. Hopefully between getting it warmed up and stretching the kink will work itself out. I hate it when I can feel that my pelvis is out of whack but I can’t crack it back into place.

My resolve was so strong right after Bates (or maybe during Bates, before I sprained my ankle). This was going to be the year of the resurrection of my dance career; I was going to choreograph again this year. The year (measured between birthdays) is more than half over and I haven’t even finished the ‘dance film’ I started last year during the snow storm. Monday at rehearsal at the JoHo I saw KT Niehoff (from Seattle) who asked if I was rehearsing my own stuff. Sadly I had to reply, “No.” I still have time (months) to finish some projects before my 34th birthday, but I have such a hard time focusing between dance and photography and then the business of making money. And although I still have months, it is so hard to find the hours I need.

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