July 30, 2005 09:43 AM

Week 1

Week 1 of dance camp is over. Wednesday was the worst day; I was sore and prementrual, it was hot and humid. I got a massage yesterday from Michael H. He was brutal (in a good way) and my hip and the rest of my body are feeling better today. The weekend looms before me like a long, empty stretch of road.

Last night I saw Bebe Miller’s new piece ‘Landing/Place.’ I had a terrible seat, 3 rows from the front and off to the side, but enjoyed the performance anyways. I would like to see the piece again, but I don’t think I will be able to unless I sneak in the theater tonight. Although motion capture technology was a tool that was used in creating the piece, the end product thankfully didn’t have that tech-y feel. The dancing was fierce and the performers beautiful. One section, the catastrophe back bending part (aka the alien abduction part), felt too long, but the piece as a whole had a nice rhythm. The animation and video fit nicely with the piece and made me think about making my own moving dancing pictures. The premise of the work, the state of being a stranger in a place where everyone else feels at home, was more communicated in things I had heard about the dance in discusssions before and after the performance. This idea is intriguing and for me brings up questions - Where do I feel at home? Do I ever feel like I really belong? Is being a stranger, a foreigner, an alien merely a mindse (albeit one sometimes accompanied by actual physical symptoms of discomfort)?

Good Things About Bates
1) There are glow in the dark stars on the ceiling in my room above my bed.
2) One of my housemates, Sue, brought an espresso machine that she graciously shares.
3) I saw a long, green caterpillar on the sidewalk with a 1 cm long hook on its back on Thursday.

Things I Forgot to Bring With Me
1) arnica gel
2) extra/more foot tape
3) small scissors for foot surgery (blisters and callouses)
4) packets of emergen-C for electrolyte consumption between classes
5) granola bars
6) pumice stone or foot file for callouses
7) out loud music player for my room

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