July 5, 2005 12:21 AM

Rachid Taha at Chop Suey

Wednesday morning last week I heard that Rachid Taha was playing at Chop Suey that night. I called and emailed frantically throughout the day in an attempt to find someone to go to the show with me. ‘Rock El Casbah’ in Seattle! I was psyched to see the show.

Carrie (Cadin’s sister) came to the show with me, even though she didn’t know who Rachid Taha was. The crowd was an interesting mix of Seattle hipster world music enthousiasts and French/Algerian/mixte ex-pats. The arabic mullet seemed to be the preferred haircut in the band. Rachid Taha definitely has the punk rock attitude down, appearing to be drunk and/or stoned as the band and the synth machine tore through some greatest hits. The show was disappointing for me (because my expectations were so high going in), but it was a fun night. I exceeded my 2 drink limit for the evening and had a raging headache for most of Thursday. And, no, I’m not a Morroccan belly dancer…

I spent the night at Carrie’s Capitol Hill apartment. She has a gorgeous view of downtown and the Space Needle. On my way to work the next morning, my all-time favorite car in the world stopped to let me cross the street. It happened to be an old man with white hair in a white Porsche Speedster - definitely a good luck omen.

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