July 27, 2005 07:46 PM

Dance Camp Day 3

My day 1 entry seems to be lost. I don’t know what happened to it, but it vanished in transmission. Merde.

On day 3 I am very sore, very very very sore. I am now enrolled in 3 classes, Dorfman technique, Afro-Fusion, Dorfman rep. I have bruises on my knees and other bony protrusions. I bought new Chinese knee pads today. They seem to work better than my BIKE pads; they are less bulky, snugger and longer. I swam today during my break to battle the soreness. I have a massage scheduled for Friday. I started taking ibuprofen. I hope this (all of those things) helps.

I missed the deadline to try to show a piece during the student work afternoon. I might try to rehearse anyways, just for myself, but rehearsal space is a precious commodity around here.

My outlook is better today than it was yesterday. Yesterday my PMS was getting the better of me and I really needed to hear, ‘Good job’ but the sentiment was unforthcoming. Today was better; even African class didn’t feel as terrible.

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