February 21, 2005 09:46 PM


for the last 2 weeks, i have been waking up with my eyes glued shut with grey goo. part of the ‘if the shoe fits’ production involved a sifter dance and a baking scene. i quickly learned that i had to medicate myself before every performance with antihistamines, but even that didn’t prevent me from sneezing (loudly) at least once during each run. the goop in my eyes in the mornings (the goop that hasn’t gone away yet) is flour and makeup. yuck.

yesterday (sunday) i was very sore from all of the performances. i thought i would try to take a bath. our tub is small, but since i am not that large, i thought it would be OK. wrong.

first, the tub doesn’t have a faucet; i had to run a shower for ~20m to fill up the tub. when it was finally full, the water wasn’t very warm.

peeved, i decided to got with cadin to mccarren park to make a dance video in the snow. when we got to the park, the sports lights weren’t on so we just walked back to the house.

i boiled some water to try to salvage my soak upon our return. after adding at least 6 pots of boiling water, the bath was warm enough. unfortunately i found that although it was indeed warm enough, it really wasn’t big enough. approximately 8 inches deep and only about 3 feet long, i was insufficiently submerged.


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